Haifa Wehbe - Baby Haifa (Lebanon)


Tarkan - Adimi Kalbine Yaz (Turkey)

Turkish superstar Tarkan has annouced his new album to be released 29.7.2010, and here it is! Album named "Adimi Kalbine Yaz" brings you songs with modern sound as well as those with bigger accent on Turkish beats. Most of the music in the album was composed by Tarkan himself, while "Sen Çoktan Gitmişsin" was composed by Ozan Çokaloglu, "Acimayacak" was composed by Mithat Can Ozer, and "Usta - Çirak" was composed by Gulşah Tutuncu. Anyway, the biggest thing about this album that Sezen Aksu is back to her work with Tarkan. Though she didn't have composing part, she wrote lyrics for "Op" and "Sen Çoktan Gitmişsin", another famous Turkish singer Yildiz Tilbe has made lyrics for "Işim Olmaz".

1. Sevdanin Son Vuruşu

2. Acimayacak

3. Işim Olmaz

4. Kayip

5. Op

6. Adimi Kalbine Yaz

7. Sen Çoktan Gitmişsin

8. Usta-Çirak

9. Acimayacak (Gurcell Club Mix)

10. Adimi Kalbine Yaz (Ozinga Club Mix)

11. Sevdanin Son Vuruşu (Suat Ateşdagli Mix)

12. Op (Gurcell Club Mix)

13. Sevdanin Son Vuruşu (Kivanch Club Mix)


Label(s): Turkey


Mai Selim - Leena Kalam Ba3den (Egypt)


Natasha - 2010 (Lebanon)


Nadide Sultan - Nadides (Turkey)


Mohamed Fouad - Ben Edek (Egypt)


Yasmin Levy - Mano Suave (Israel)

Yasmin Levy born 23.12.1975 in Jerusalem, is a singer and songwriter of Judeo-Spanish music. Her late father, Isaac Levy, was a composer and cantor, pioneer researcher into the long and rich history of the Ladino music and culture of Spanish Jewry and its diaspora, being the editor of the Ladino language magazine Aki Yerushalayim. With her distinctive and emotive style, Yasmin has brought a new interpretation to the medieval Ladino/Judeo-Spanish song by incorporating more "modern" sounds of Andalusian Flamenco and Turkey, as well as combining instruments like the darbuka, oud, violin, cello, and piano.

"Mano Suave" is her album from 2007, and includes song that are combination of Flamenco, Arabic, Turkish and Jiddish sounds, with lyrics in Spanish, Hebrew, Ladino (language of Spanish Jews) and Arabic.

1. Irma Kreo

2. Mano Suave

3. Adio Kerida

4. Una Noche Mas

5. Nani Nani

6. Komo La Roza

7. Si Veriash

8. Mal De l'Amor

9. Por La Mia

10. Una Ora

11. Perdono

12. Odecha


Serdar Ortac - Kara Kedi (Turkey)

Lyrics and Music: Serdar Ortaç
Arrangments: Erhan Bayrak, İskender Paydaş, Volga Tamöz, Sadun Ersönmez, Suat Aydoğan, Ionita Constantin (Romania)

  • Poşet
  • Var Mı?
  • Yeşil Su
  • Mikrop
  • İşim Olmaz
  • Kara Kedi
  • Haksızlık
  • Kolayca
  • Parodi
  • Sanırım
  • Zehir
  • Loş
  • Kerbela
  • İki Paralık
  • Üzgünüm
  • Sabrımdan
  • Gülün Rengi
  • Label(s): Turkey


    Nil Ozalp - Acikolik (Turkey)

    Watch clip for "Acikolik": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_78W42e37U

    1. Acikolik

    2. Ask Kalmadi

    3. Kalp Boş

    4. Fotograf

    5. Degmez

    6. Hadi Ya

    7. Evren

    8. Zevekler Ve Renkler

    8. Kalp Boş (Remix)

    Label(s): Turkey


    Petek Dincoz - Iste Boyle Morarirsin (Turkey)


    1. Kibarca

    2. Morarirsin

    Label(s): Turkey


    Mohamed Hamaki - Haga Mosh Tabeeaya (Egypt)


    Amr Diab - Aslaha Beterfr2 (Egypt)


    Elissa - Tesada- Bemeen (Lebanon)


    Cafe Anatolia - Dream's (Turkey)


    Eliane Mahfouz - Kol El Hekaya (Lebanon)


    Fares Karam - Dakhelo (Lebanon)

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